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“There are no magical solutions to solving problems”

- Brave (2012)

Having a true and meaningful  impact on the environment requires checking off a lot of boxes. 

Carbon neutral, human equality, sustainability, diversity and of course as artists, we hope to serve it up with a side of creativity and joy.

At Upcycled Aviary we have come out of the gate aiming for the skies, but also confident of success.  We know that the Canadian film & television sectors have already stated the need for better disposal practices around post production sets and wardrobe, which means our creative materials are endless. 

The growing trend towards fashion forward, sustainable threads means we have an entire demographic to upcycle clothing for. All the while still maintaining a focus on styling and finding ways to love pieces from your own wardrobe.

It takes work, commitment and more importantly a collective of amazing humans to reach these goals, and we are determined.  And when you are passionately driven, joy is just a given!