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  • Upcycled Collection

    Creating a meaningful impact on the carbon footprint of the Canadian film & television industry is our goal.  Repurposing preloved and vintage garments to reflect modern silhouettes while still staying true to the original design, is our passion.

  • Vintage Collection

    Our specially curated vintage collection features garments reclaimed from Canadian film and television productions. Focused always on sustainability and eco-forward practices, Upcycled Aviary’s goal is to support the mitigation on landfill sites and reduce the environmental impact of the film and fashion industries by offering up treasures from the silver screen that might otherwise never be appreciated. 

  • About Us

    There are two driving forces behind the Upcycled Aviary brand.  Fashion and the well-being of the planet.  At Upcycled Aviary we have been fortunate enough to partner with Canadian and film productions to create unique and fashion forward pieces derived from wardrobes that would otherwise be enroute to landfill sites.  Carefully selected vintage garments round out our collections, and keep these treasures from being disposed of before their time.  Reducing the carbon footprint and being creative is what we do. Learn More

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